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About Phycox Pets age the same way that humans do but we often forget that as pet owners. We don't think of them as aging because their lifespan is calculated in different terms from how our lifespan is, and because it is shorter that means they may show symptoms within five years of arthritis or joint conditions that need attention. This is why so many pet owners are now turning to Phycox to help. Buying Phycox Phycox is available in two different forms from Healthy Pets. This joint support formula is available in soft chews and support granules for horses. This means that Phycox can be used for dogs and horses only. This supplement gets its name from the nutrient Phycocyanin, and is well known for its ability to strengthen joints in canines and equines. This quality joint supplement has more than Phycocyanin, but carries the gamut of helpful nutrients for joints and muscles that your dogs and horses need. This helpful and hearty supplement also contains Glucosamine which has been proven to be extremely effective in humans and animals for joint support. MSM or Methlysulfonymethane is also in Phycox which is still another proven supplement to work on joints and muscles in humans and animals.

MSM occurs naturally in the body, and when joint problems are present it generally means that the body is deficient of it. Flaxseed oil is known to work for constipation in humans, and is a way of adding fiber to the diet as well, but will also aid in relieved inflammation and joint pain. Flaxseed Oil has been used for centuries to reduce inflammation and is recommended for those with Rheumatoid. With arthritis as severe as Rheumatoid it is no surprise that a product like this would work so well when Flaxseed Oil has been added to it. The Most Powerful Ingredient in Phycox Creatine and Turmeric are also added into the Phycox product because they are just as important for your dogs and equines to use for joint relief and pain. Turmeric may well be the most powerful ingredient in this supplement other than the Phycox itself and the MSM. Turmeric is in the Ginger family, and was added to gunshot wounds during World War II.

It is so powerful that it was a binding agent, reducing pain, infection and inflammation. Turmeric can be added to the human diet to stop the production of new cancer cells and to reduce inflammation, but for the sake of your beloved pets it is available in this powerful nutritional supplement that we carry. With a supplement so powerful, why wouldn't you use it? This powerful supplement is at a fair price, and depending upon on the number of chews you purchase the prices from $4.99 and up. This inexpensive supplement is just what you have been looking for when it comes to getting relief from your joint pain and it is worth every penny. Whether you buy the 10 count for them to try or the 120 count, you will discover that Phycox is the supplement you need in your pet's medicine cabinet today.