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PetZu Mother's Comfort Heartbeat Pillow - Chocolate/White

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PetZu Mother’s Comfort Heartbeat Pillow provides the maternal comfort of warmth and a simulated heartbeat to calm puppies and small dogs.

 This innovative invention is ideal for helping puppies fall asleep, reducing barking before bedtime, and facilitating housebreaking and kennel training.

PetZu Mother’s Comfort Heartbeat Pillow features an easy-to-use platform with a microwavable heating element and a heartbeat sensor that lasts an estimated 1200 minutes per two AAA batteries. These components are stored in a machine washable fleece top pillow that is easy to keep clean and odor-free.

The PetZu Mother’s Comfort Heartbeat Pillow also includes a strong velcro seal that makes it simple to safely conceal each element of this product. Furthermore, the artificial heartbeat mechanism can be easily turned on through the external casing of the device and will automatically shut off after 12 minutes so as not to disturb your sleeping pup. Keep your puppy healthy and happy by getting a Heartbeat Pillow for your pup today!

Key Features:
  • Helps stop nuisance barking during kennel training and housebreaking
  • Can calm and comfort stressed puppies to improve sleep and promote healthy habits
  • Machine washable and dryable exterior, AAA battery-operated and microwavable heating elements for your convenience
  • Useful Information

    1. 1 x 12" Fleece Top Pillow
    2. 1 x Mother's Heartbeat Simulator & 2 x Size AAA batteries
    3. 1 x Microwavable Mother's Warmth Simulator
    4. 1 x Housebreaking Guide
    5. 1 x Instructions for Use Manual

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