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Winter Pet Guide

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The winter months are here and with it, cold weather. This Winter Pet Guide will help you find what your pet needs for the winter. It's time to think about your furry best friend and keeping them warm and cozy during the winter months. Joint supplements can help give comfort to aging pets or for those with joint conditions. A comfortable bed, especially a heated bed, will keep your pet cozy and protect against the cold season.

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Pet Beds
Heated Pet Beds

Pets suffering from arthritis or elderly pets need extra protection against the chill of winter. To keep them safe and warm, check out heated pet beds.

Sale Price: $59.99
Sale Price: $52.99
Elevated Beds
Floors get extremely cold for pets during the winter, and some beds provide little insulation to protect your pets. For extreme protection, give your pets a lift off the ground and away from the chill of the ground
Starting at: $23.99
Sale Price: $89.99
Comfy Cat Dwellings

Cats are often more fragile and have less body fat than dogs. To keep them warm, buy beds that have lips or overhangs that help use their body heat to warm them up.

Sale Price: $49.99
Starting at: $27.99
Sale Price: $19.99
Pet Attire
Warm Pet Clothing

Clothing helps protect pets from cold weather and snow throughout the day when they may play outside.

Starting at: $9.99
Starting at: $24.99
Sale Price: $4.99
Protective Pet Attire

Keep your pet's paws and eyes safe this winter from dangers like salted snowy streets and rain in their eyes. It's important to protect their paws and nails

Starting at: $14.99
Starting at: $11.99
Joint Supplements

Joint Supplements can help keep joints healthy and lubricated. Cold weather can aggravate arthritis and stiffen joints. Your veterinarian may prescribe an NSAID which is complemented by the joint supplements listed below.

Joint MAX
Skin & Coat Supplements

Winter weather can lead to dull coats and dry skin. It's important to keep your pet's skin and coat healthy to prevent excessive shedding as well as to protect your pet from the weather.

Weight Loss Supplements

Fall and winter are the most common seasons for humans to gain weight. The cold weather, holidays, traveling and seasonal sweets are all reasons why we tend to exercise less and gain more weight. Pets also tend to get less exercise and more food during these seasons, most likely because their owners' change their eating habits. It's important to maintain pets' weight to ease the pressure on joints and the skeletal frame. The selection of treats and supplements below are healthy pet treats at unbelievably low prices.

Behavior Supplements

During busy seasons like fall and winter, there is often a lot of commotion in the house. Family and friends come and go, everyone travels and there is a lot of noise constantly. Pets are often confused by all of this and their behavior tends to change. To avoid a situation where pets become scared, frightened, overwhelmed or confused, it's good to use supplements to ease their worrying in high stress situations.