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Pet Waste Management

Cleaning up after your pet isn't a picnic. Whether it's the smell or the mess, you're the one who's going to pick it up. Well worry no more as the folks here at HealthyPets want to take care of pet owners as well as pets too! Our selection of pet waste management products will ensure you do as little as possible cleaning up after your pet.

Doggy Doo

Everyone knows the simple logic of the bigger the dog, the bigger the appetite, the bigger the leftovers are! These products are made to make sure your adventures in poo are…well…less messy.

($6.95) $2.99

Wag Bags are the perfect mitten shaped biodegradable pick-me-up doggie cleanup bags. It's the eco-friendly choice!

($15.95) $8.99

Poop Freeze is the first freeze spray aerosol made for animal waste pickup. Completely non-flammable and environmentally friendly!

($5.80) $4.49

The Doody Dangler eliminates the need to carry a bag of doody. It simply attaches to the leash and carries the load, leaving your hands free and clear!

($9.99) $6.99

Green Dog All-Purpose Household Cleaner utilizes all-natural, nontoxic, organic ingredients that perform as well as conventional cleaners. Natural and organically effective!

($26.55) $19.99

SnuggEase Protective Pants For Dogs protects your dog from accidents, incontinence and dogs in heat. Machine washable for convenient reuse!

($14.98) $9.99

Puppy Training Pads help your puppy with housebreaking. Each pad contains super absorbent polymer that converts liquid into gel making cleanups easier!

Kitty Poo

As neat and composed felines appear to be, even they are susceptible to being slobs. Simply kitty litter isn't going to do the trick; we're pulling out all the stops to keep things sanitary!

($129.99) $99.99

The Bionaire Odor Grabber Air Purifier Litter Box is the finest odor-fighting litter box on the planet. Turn it on and odors are gone

($19.50) $11.29

Cat Attract contains a scent that naturally attracts kittens and cats to use the litter box. Clinically tested and consumer proven to work!

($350.00) $339.99

The Litter Robot Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box saves you time and money by freeing you from the chore of litter box scooping.

$9.99 - $42.99

The Urine Off Odor & Stain Remover eliminates all types of urine and odor stains, even cat urine! Safe and easy to use.

($7.29) $5.99

The Ultimate Litter Scoop is great for an traditional litter box. The high back design is added for sifting capacity and rounded corners get into hard to reach places.

($76.99) $59.99

The Litter Kwitter trains your cat to use the bathroom whenever they need to "go". Say goodbye to the litter tray forever!

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