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Everything you need to know about Pet Vaccination

New pet owners may be intimidated by the prospect of regular vaccinations for their pet. But in all actuality, the process is relatively simple and easy to adapt to your pet's regular health routine. In terms of cost, vaccinations do tend to add up and may be a slight strain for pet owners on a budget. However, this cost is minuscule compared to the price you might otherwise have to pay to treat a disease your pet contracted as a result of not getting the vaccines. Not to mention, regular vaccinations takes a lot of stress off of you in worrying about your pet's health or taking extra precautions to prevent exposure. Pet vaccinations were originally designed to protect pets from diseases that were common at the time, which included canine distemper, canine parvo, and feline panleukopenia. Since the introduction of these vaccines, the listed diseases have become extremely rare and almost non-existent in the modern age. Current vaccinations target rabies more than any other disease since this tends to be the most common affliction among pets of all types. The ultimate goal is to make rabies as obsolete as the
diseases listed above.
Both dogs and cats have set vaccination schedules recommended by veterinary professionals. You may notice that a few vaccinations, such as those for rabies and DHPP, tend to be repeated in the vaccination schedule throughout the years. This is because these diseases tend to be quite powerful and your dog can constantly be exposed to them without consistent, proper vaccination.
The following list will provide an easy-to-read breakdown of
when and what vaccinations to administer to your puppy.
Following these crucial vaccinations in the early stages of your dog's life, dogs should also receive a vaccination short for DHPP and rabies every one to two years and one to three years, respectively. The law requires that all pets have proper rabies vaccinations as recommended.
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Assuming the kitten's mother has been properly vaccinated, kittens will begin building their immune systems and receiving vaccination from the mother's milk during the nursing period. This period typically ends when the kitten has reached eight weeks old. Following this age, pet owners should schedule regular vaccinations for their cats. The following list will breakdown the proper age and types of vaccinations your cat should receive and is relatively simple compared to the schedule for dogs.
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