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Travel with Your Pet

There are a variety of preparations you can take to make travel a breeze. Since pets can't talk, it's important to keep mindful of your pet's needs. It's important to know how to care for your pet on the road, in the air, and as a guest in an unfamiliar home. Pets also need to take a break every so often to allow him to stretch his legs. Being prepared is the key to an easy, carefree trip this travel season.

Stress & Anxiety

The first step to make travel fun and easy is to make sure your pet is relaxed and calm. Even the most well behaved pets can act out when stressed or anxious. Traveling in a car or airplane can be scary for pets so it's important to keep them calm and comfortable.


Calming Cap

Travel Futon

Rescue Remedy

Safety Restraints

In the car or on the plane, you should make sure your pet is safely restrained. This will keep your pet in place and out of harm's way. It can also be dangerous for you and your pet to wonder to the front seat of your car or run loose in an unfamiliar place.


Booster Seat

Backseat Hammock

Safety Harness

Take a break

Just like you, your pet needs a break. Your pet can't ask for a pit stop or bathroom break, so it is important to keep in mind your pet's needs. Take your pet to a local park with some great toys and treats like Ballistic Dog Launcher which is retractable to make packing it easier.. Make sure your pet is secured in the car and has a good leash, collar and pet ID tag to keep them safe.

Pet ID

Pet Strollers

Pet Waste Bags


Other Travel Supplies

There are a variety of supplies that can help make traveling a breeze, make sure your pet is comfortable, safe and has a supply of water and food at all times. To help make the trip enjoyable, you can play DogGone Travel Songs to help pass the time.

Travel Bowls

Up & Out Harness

Handi Drink

Dog BackPack

Airline Kit

All-terrain Dog Shoes

Car Shade


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