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PetSafe Wireless Fence Containment System
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PetSafe Wireless Fence Containment System

Item: PIF-300
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PetSafe Wireless Containment System gives your pets the freedom they want with the assurance of being safe. The PetSafe Premium Wireless Fence is more than just a barrier, the Wireless System actually helps train your pet. With the PetSafe Wireless Containment System your pet can roam within the established Boundary Zone. You can relax knowing he's as safe as he is happy. Using a magnetic field and safe corrections, the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System helps your pet learn which areas are for playing and which are off limits. Best of all, unlike traditional fences, cages, and chains, it's the one solution that can't be dug under, chewed through, or jumped over.

System includes
  • Transmitter with power adapter
  • Receiever with adjustable collar, fits necks 6"-28"
  • Short contact points for short haired pets
  • long contact points for long haired pets
  • 50 boundary zone flags
  • Batteries (RFA-67)
  • Operating and Training Guide

    Transmitter Specs: Reciever Collar Specs:
    Height: 9" Height: 1", Width: 2", Depth: 1"
    Width: 9" Weight: 2.5 oz
    Depth: 8.5" Uses 6-volt (RFA-67) battery
    Frequency: 18 kHz Waterproof
    Fuse Type: 250 volt 1/2 amp (inside transmitter) Low battery indicator (light will flash every 4 to 5 seconds)
    On-Off switch on left Interchangeable Contact Points (Long and Short)
    Screw off cap covering Correction Level Button Concave interior wall (side facing throat)
    Power indicator light on face (red) Curved washers
    Adapter: Model number: 300-089 (14v A/C 1800 ma) 25 second safety timeout
  • Covers an adjustable circular area of up to 1/2 acre (180 ft diameter)
  • Completely portable, no wire to bury
  • 5 Adjustable levels of correction plus beep only mode
  • Completely wireless system
  • Signal field is spherical in nature giving a circular boundary
  • Should be mounted inside, 2-4 feet above the ground on a non-metal surface
  • Should be kept at least 3 feet away from the utility box or large appliances
  • Maximum range is 90 feet from the transmitter or 90 foot radius
  • Minimum range is 5 feet from transmitter
  • Designed not to correct during a power outage
  • Receiver is constantly looking for a signal
  • Will only correct when the receiver loses the signal from the transmitter

  • PetSafe Premium Wireless Fence Manual: Download PDF HERE

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