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What's Your Pet's New Year's Resolution?

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Cat Resolutions

1. I will not mark my territory in my human's house by urinating in every possible place.
2. I will not use my human's couch as a scratching post no matter how bored I get.
3. When my human is typing at the computer, her forearms are not a hammock.
4. I will not scratch or run when my human is doing their duty of clipping my claws.
1. I will no longer linger at the dining table in an act to receive table scraps from my human's plate.
2. I will no longer have a fit every time it is time to have my teeth brushed.
3. I will no longer hunt the kitchen cabinets to sneak some snacks. I will patiently wait for my human to supply me with a tasty healthy treat.
4. I vow to be more active and engage in all pet exercises, activities, and walks to my best ability.
Dog Resolutions