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Pet World Records

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Pets break records all the time - not just the ones that play in your old record player. Pets come in all shapes and sizes so it's not a surprise what the possibilities are. From the oldest dog to the tallest cat, you're going to learn about the amazing feats our furry friends are capable of demonstrating. Who knows, maybe your pooch or feline will break some records of his or her own. Let the games begin!

Oldest Dog   Vita-Tab Silver seniorkong
Vita-Tabs Silver Senior Kong
At 21 years young, Chanel, a dachshund, reached her 147th birthday in human years back in May of 2009. Chanel most currently took the record as the oldest dog in the world when a 28 year old beagle from Virginia died in the previous spring. Cataracts forced Chanel to wear special doggie glasses and her bones feel cold. She spends her days relaxing at home, only taking walks in the summer.

Bottom's Up Leash Wolfking Bison Food   tallest dog
Bottom's Up Leash Nylabone Pooch Pacifier Souper Size
Boomer, a 180 pound Landseer Newfoundland stands tall at 3 feet at the shoulders, and 7 feet long from nose to tail. Boomer hails from Casselton, North Dakota where a 20 lb bag of dry food lasts the canine a couple of weeks. Even in the standards of Newfoundlands, Boomer was particularly big even as a puppy. He was growing at such an alarming rate that his stitches ripped after multiple surgeries due to an abdominal hernia.

Smallest Dog   Pop-Ware BONIES Minis
Dexas Popware BONIES Minis
Talk about a dog you can fit inside your pocket - maybe. At a mere 18 ounces and 4 inches tall, Dancer, a rust-colored, long-haired Chihuahua currently holds the record as the world's smallest dog. At birth, veterinarians suggested Dancer be euthanized because he was likely to have serious health issues as he grew older. Dancer eats every three or four hours because of his size with low blood sugar as his only health problem. Dancer's name was inspired by a Garth Brooks song.

Bottom's Up Leash Wolfking Bison Food   Hairiest dog
Furminator Vita-Soothe
Somebody get this dog a brush! Kyra, a rare breed called a Komondor, holds the record as the hairiest dog in the world. Komondors are considered the ultimate sheep dog in Hungary, their country of origin. This breed is known for fighting off wolves and bears with their thick hair protecting them from harm. Kyra recently gave birth to a litter of nine puppies. When the puppies are between six and nine months old, their downy coat will change into a mass of dreadlocks that all adults have.

Fastest Dog   Vita-Tab Silver K9 Go dog Drink
Migrators Plush Birds K9 Go Dog Energy Drink
Among our list of world record holders, you'll be glad to know that the Greyhound is the most easily obtainable record holder. Greyhounds can reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. Primarily used for hunting and racing, Greyhounds have long powerful legs and broad chests, allowing for reaching its best when running. If you're a fan of the Simpsons and have a love for Greyhounds, you may just have your very own Santa's Little Helper.

Spizzle Gullet Tuff Balls   strongest dog
Spizzle Gullet Hunks Tuff Balls
Be glad to know you'll never have to lift weights next to this canine. Wendy, a hulking whippet, was born with a genetic defect causing her to grow larger and more muscular than most other of her breed. Wendy enjoys a relaxed and healthy life on a farm in Victoria, Canada and like nothing more than a good back scratch. Wendy has been dubbed as a "bully whippet", subjects of scientific testing. Who knows, maybe Barry Bonds and Wendy share something in common.

Oldest Dog   Feliway Kitty Kuisine
Feliway Kitty Kuisine
At 17.1 inches, Scarlett, a Savannah cat from Corono, California was crowned as the world's tallest domestic cat by the Guinness Book of World Records. Scarlett is 18 months old with a beige coat and auburn and black spots. Savannah cats can be walked on a leash, learn how to play fetch and enjoy playing in the water.

Ceva Senilife Fit-Nip Treats   oldest dog
Ceva Senilife Fit-Nip Treats
Most cats live in a pampered lifestyle of sleeping, eating, playing and posing. This record is up in the air as there are two competitors. A Burmese cat called Kataleena Lady from Melbourne, Australia is currently 32 years old. Another cat, Tizzy, was found by a family in 1973, trumping Kataleena by at least 4 years. Who knew that you could get a cat as a child and watch it grow up with you with them seeing you off to college as well.

Fastest Cat   Solid Gold Seameal Kong Kickeroo
Solid Gold Seameal Kong Kickeroo
The only naturally spotted breed as well as the fastest of domestic cats - this breed is certainly the center of attention. Egyptian Mau's have long hind legs and a unique flap of skin extending from the flank to the back knee, allowing for great speed and agility. These quick cats top out at 30 miles per hour. Good luck trying to get a hold of an Egyptian May, they're quite rare to find.

Jungle Cat Cave Kitty Kaviar   Smallest Cat
Jungle Cat Cave Kitty Kaviar
Mr. Peebles, where are you? Imagine life as the smallest cat in the world at 15 centimeters long and able to fit perfectly into a 200 ml glass. Mr. Peebles' small stature is due to a genetic defect and at 2 years old, he's past the age when a cat reaches their normal size. Mr. Peebles eat 3-4 times a day to sustain his weight. Nothing like having a cat that stays like a kitten for the rest of their life.

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