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The Pet Owners Chronicles VOL.1

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Pet owners have submitted their pet stories. These pets have been picked out of several submissions for their loyalty, courage, playfulness and agility. Do you have stories, jokes, or other interesting facts about your pet? Share them on!
1. Hope
Breed: Shih Tzu
Location: Virgina
Submitted by: Mom

Hope was found along the interstate and brought to a shelter. The shelter contacted us and asked for our help or she would be euthanized. This is a happy, darling baby, full of life and joy. However, she has no use of her 2 back legs. In order for her to get around, she hops and drags herself. The vet diagnosed the handicap as quadricep contracture' in both legs. There are surgical procedures available to correct this situation. First, however, she must have physical therapy and it will be our first line of defense. It seems like a deformity as she can't bend or move her legs and they stick out to the side. The courage, strength and loving disposition of this precious baby even after all she has been through is something we can all learn from.

2. Gizmo & Hazco
Breed: Puggle
Submitted by: Joseph & Steven

Gizmo was born August 18, 2006. When he did something silly...we affectionately called him 'Jerky'. On the web site about a year after getting Gizmo...there was a new litter of puggles. They were born August 18, 2007. One was named Jerky. We looked at each other and knew right away it was meant to be. We were informed us Jerky had the same parents as Gizmo. So...Gizmo got his real brother, born exactly one year later.

3. Augie Doggy
Breed: Dalmatian Mix
Location: Port St. Lucie, FL
Submitted by: Karen Becker

This is Augie. We were driving home from our North Carolina vacation to south Florida last August when we suddenly noticed her sitting at the side of the pavement on the interstate in the middle of nowhere-Florida. We pulled off at the next exit and got back on the highway northbound looking for a place to turn around. We finally found a spot and searched for her. When we stopped, she hid in a dense Palmetto thicket. I knew where she was because I could hear her tail slapping against the leaves. With the help of some dog food, I was able to crawl in and grab her. She was skin & bones, filthy and covered with ticks. Now, a year later, she is a beautiful, 34 pound bundle of.
4. Cheyenne
Breed: Sheltie
Location: Plano, Kentucky
Submitted by: Brook & Cheyenne's Mom

My daughter Brooke was born with Down Syndrome and had open heart surgery. She is 9 years old and has no siblings at home. Cheyenne is Brooke's angel on a leash. They have a bond that is magical beyond words. Cheyenne is truly the best Sheltie ever: loving ,loyal and calm. At 7 years old she is still very playful.

5. Simon
Breed: English Setter
Location: Richardson, Texas
Submitted by: Joe Messina

Simon is six years old and loves to run, averaging 6 to 10 miles per day. His favorite trick is weaving in and out of agility poles; he holds Agility titles from AKC, NADAC as well as an AKC Rally Obedience Title. He is also a great swimmer, but is reluctant to get wet except on his terms - he is English you know. He plays like a puppy despite his age, often picking up toys he has had since we rescued him. He also tries to get someone to chase him, but he has the advantage because of his 40 mph speed!

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