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Pet of the Year 2010

Pet of the Year 2010
Congratulations to Stelllla of Ocean City, MD for winning our 2010 Pet of the Year contest! It was a close one this year, but the voters have spoken and a winner chosen! Please check out the Honorable Mentions below and enjoy the great stories that these pets have brought to us. Thanks everyone for your participation as we look forward to the next Pet of the Year for 2011!

Presenting the Contestants
Name: Bart
Breed: Terrier/Cocker Mix
Location: Polebridge, MT
Owner: Gerry S.

Bart may be 14 with two repaired knees, but he is young at heart. He is a real people-person dog who greats everyone with exuberant leaps, tail wagging and smiles. Living in the mountains of Montana is a lot of fun for dogs and their humans. Thanks to the combination of the supplements Glyco-Flex III soft chews, Missing Link joint support and Canine Senior Plus vitamins, Bart is still active and chasing balls, chipmunks and squirrels. Occasionally a moose gets too close to the house, and Bart does his manly duty and chases it into the woods. This may keep him young, but it takes years off my life! Fortunately, these huge creatures actually run from a 25 pound dog.... Read More

Name: Cinnamon
Breed: Chocolate Labrador
Location: Everett, WA
Owner: Nancy & Ed

Cinnamon is our almost 12-year-old chocolate lab who we adopted from the Humane Society in 2008. She was about 20 pounds underweight at the time and arthritic, but she always had the energy to chase and retrieve any tennis ball, and she still does. We understand that she was found stray, although we know she's intelligent enough to have found her way home had she been given the opportunity. She also came with the ability to chase and retrieve, was housebroken and already knew not to beg at the table, so someone had spent some quality time with her in the past. In addition, she is and will likely always be more interested in human than four-legged companions and can work a roomful of people better than any politician. The only time she barks, besides at raccoons and deer, is when there's a gate or door separating her from her people... Read More

Name: Rosemary
Breed: Domestic short-hair
Location: Crown Point, IN
Owner: Linda M.

Rosemary is a very special little domestic short-haired kitten. She was found by an 85 yr old friend of mine that volunteers at a shelter in Clay County, IN. My friend heard a noise as she was driving the shelter van to take 4 dogs to a rescue group. When she stopped and popped the hood, there was this tiny 4 week old kitten. I named her after my friend that saved her. In addition, since coming into my home, she has become very close with my male Collie that is a seizure dog. They are inseparable. She nuzzles against him and follows him everywhere and they take naps together... Read More

Name: Zoe
Breed: Boxer
Location: Dracut, MA
Owner: Ellyn D.

This is my sweet dog Zoe. She is a seven year old boxer and we live in Dracut Massachusetts. Zoe loves to play with her stuffed babies, and pounce on them and just carry them around the house for us to see. She loves treats of all kinds, and gets plenty. At times we will enter a room and there she is on her back with her limbs in the air and all that moves are her eyes, we really don't know why she does this but it makes us laugh everytime.... Read More
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