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Petmate Dogzilla Dumbbell Dog Toy - Small

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Dogs love to play with toys they can chew and grind their teeth on. Unfortunately, bones and rawhide eventually fall apart. Plastic and rubber toys alone don't do the trick either. Dogs play with them for a bit, but then they get old and just sit in a pile with other pet toys. A good play stimulant needs to be both durable as well as contain smells that will trigger a dog's instincts to chew and hoard the toy.

The Petmate Dogzilla Dumbbell Dog Toy isn't just another rubber dog toy. It includes a protein taste as well as a vanilla smell. Both trigger instincts in a dog to to treat the toy as just another piece of rubber. Your dog will latch onto this toy quickly and love it! So you might want to consider getting two Dumbbells if you have more than one canine friend.

To recap, the Petmate Dogzilla Dumbbell Dog Toy provides your pet with:

Key Features:

  • A durable dog toy that tastes like protein and smells like vanilla, both catching the attention of canine noses and taste buds.
  • An easy to wash rubber design that will last for a long time.
  • A design that allows a dog to pick up the toy without difficulty.

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