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Celebrate Labor Day at HealthyPets

A Labor Day Salute to Animals Who Work

For most people we have beloved pets who provide companionship and sleeps inside the house, get groomed, go on family trips and live the good life. But for some breeds they spend their days actively working. Some breed include but not limited to Golden Retriever, Beagle, Border Collie and St. Bernard. We give a Labor Day Salute to those friends and offer new discounts. So take advantage and reward them today.

Read more about Specific Breeds, we have over 30 books in this collection!

Include your pets in your Outdoor BBQs

Include your pets in your backyard or outdoor BBQs, But as much as you may want to include your pet in this fun, feeding him a few treats from the table is not the way. Table food is too fatty for the digestive systems of most animals and can lead to severe stomach upsets, occasionally triggering possibly fatal pancreatic inflammation. To keep your pet safe give him these healthy treats instead.

Nylabone Flexible Bar-B-Chews

Flexible BB-Chews
Starts at: $3.99

Nylabone Flexible Bar-B-Chews

Stuffed Twin Hoofers
Sale Price: $0.99

Rib In A Blanket

Rib In A Blanket
Special Price: $2.99

Krazy Kitty Catnip

Krazy Kitty Catnip
Sale Price: $2.99

Play catch, fetch and break out the Entertainment!

Get Ready, get set for some family fun. Checkout our specials featured down below. From board games to interactive pet toys, they will surely be a hit at home or for a trip outdoors.

Otis and Claude Floyd Fling Fetch Toy

Floyd Fling Fetch Toy
Starts at: $7.99


Sale Price: $23.99

Hide a Squirrel dog toy

Hide A Squirrel
Sale Price: $11.99

Bamboo Rod & Reel Cat Toy

Rod & Reel Cat Toy
Sale Price: $15.99

Keeping pets healthy throughout the holidays

We also offer a wide range of supplements to help pets with anxiety, digestion and joint issues.

Otis and Claude Floyd Fling Fetch Toy

Stress & Anxiety

Digestion and Elimination for dogs and cats

Digestion and

Hide a Squirrel dog toy

Arthritis and Joints

Bamboo Rod & Reel Cat Toy

Laxatives and Hairball Treatments

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