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Personalized Pet ID Tags

Dog and Cat Id Tags - Personalized Pet ID Tags

Pay back the gift of love your dog gives you every day with one of our personalized dog ID tags. More than just cute gimmicks or pieces of jewelry, our fetching tags can make all the difference in the world if your furry friend were to suddenly go missing. We know your dog is probably the smartest dog in the world and could probably make his way back home in a snowstorm from hundreds of miles away, but why not make it easy on your pooch and outfit his or her collar with one of our pet ID tags?

You can personalize the tag with whatever information you'd want someone to have if your canine companion was discovered far from home: the pet's name, its human parents' names and contact number, the vet's name or contact number, etc. We haven't forgotten about your feline friend, either. These can be used as cat ID tags as well, and they will come in handy on those nights when your feisty feline goes wandering. You can order your pet ID tag in small or large sizes, and they come in circle, bone and heart shapes. Purchasing dog ID tags is such a small thing to do for someone who brings you and your family so much joy.
Personalized Pet Tags - Cat & Dog Tags