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Pet Health Care Plan

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Ask not what your pet can do for you - ask what you can do for your pet! The Health Care bill has spurred the minds of Americans to think - am I doing enough to help my pet's health? For those that don't, we're proposing a health care package that will ensure great health coverage for any pet! The best part is that you won't have to pay any premiums as we still offer great prices on quality pet products! Sign on and support our 8-point pet healthcare plan!
1.) Preventative Care
Our commitment to the latest and greatest scientific advancement in pet vitamins is like no other. Ensure all pets that they'll be properly fortified with the essential vitamins and minerals that will provide the preventative care they need.
2.) Accountability
100% Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Every consumer deserves to get exactly what they need from a product. Pay a little and expect the best from these all-around enhancers for your pet's health.
3.) Flea Care Coverage
Pets with pre-existing flea conditions won't be ignored. We'll knock those fleas and ticks right off their backs with our complete line of flea control products. Our flea control front will remain strong and united!
4.) Insurance For Older Pets
Osteoarthritis and aging are inevitable - we plan on reforming the way we tackle these conditions. These nutritional aids will help keep arthritis at minimal force with low costs and excellent care for your pet. No retired pet shall be left behind!
5.) Patient Choice
Products that serve more than one purpose are the best choice any pet owner can make. Help your pet be all they can be with our huge selection of over 4,000 products to choose from. From top brands to organic all-natural products, you might have a hard time making a decision - a recount might be needed.
6.) Skin & Coat Investment Package
Giving your pet nutrition is one thing, providing them with vitamins that bolster their skin and coat is another thing. When you invest in our skin and coat supplements portfolio, you're giving them both health and beauty. End the suffering and bring on the skin and coat care revolution!
7.) Mental Health Recovery
Recessions can be troubling times for everyone - pets included. Put their minds and yours at ease with stress relieving remedies that help prevent destructive behaviors or anxiety disorders. Your pet will never need to visit the psychiatrist!
8.) Bureaucracy-Free Shipping
Ordering with HealthyPets requires is hassle free as there is no messy paperwork to deal with. From the moment of your checkout, expect prompt and speedy shipping from our warehouse, to your home. Always keep in mind that FREE shipping applies to all orders $100 or over.
While we may be reforming the pet healthcare system, we'll honor your freedom to choose any pet brand you trust. Visit our full selection of Nutritional Supplements to get the cure what ails your pet.

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