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A Class of Their Own

Elementary School Pets
Elementary school is for the pet that is just starting off. In Elementary school you'll learn the basics and should be applied for younger dogs. Elementary school might be the most important step for pet obedience and training. These early stages will get your pet ready for higher education.
Helps you prepare for your puppy with all you need to know to keep you new canine friend happy. It covers everything, including housetraining, basic obedience, training, solutions to problem behaviors, feeding, grooming, accommodations and health care.
Housebreaking your new puppy can be a challenge. Fortunately, gone are the days of paper training with messy newspapers. Today, paper training is a lot cleaner and easier with SIMPLE SOLUTION® Puppy Training Pads. Each pad contains Super Absorbent Polymer that converts liquid into gel and is made with a plastic backing to protect your floors and carpets.
A revolutionary breed-specific quide that includes a free training DVD inside. The first book in this series to focus on the specific needs of puppies, Puppy Care & Training shows how to prepare for a puppy's arrival and explains how to feed, groom, and train him during this impressionable stage.
Dr.Elsey's Cat Attract Feline Behavioral Modification Litter Additive contains a scent that naturally attracts kittens and cats to use the litter box. It was created through years of observing and testing cats in shelters and Dr. Elsey's clinic.

Junior High / High School Pet
The Junior High and High School pet is the pet that already has the basic knowledge down. Your pet may already know the difference between right and wrong but does not always follow the right path. After graduating from high school your pet will be matured and ready to take on any obstacle that may come in his or her way in college.
With SSSCAT, cats are deterred from going near valuable furniture, counters, and plants. An adjustable electronic motion sensor detects a cat approaching the restricted area, then a harmless, scentless spray is released to surprise the cat intruder. This highly effective spray is scentless, ozone friendly, and nontoxic to animals and children.
Grannick's Bitter Apple is a taste deterrent and training aid for dogs. Discourages fur biting, hair chewing, and hot spots.
An exclusive design features passive discomfort bumps that act as pressure points to condition your pets to stay away from the area where you've placed the mat. Even after the X-Mat is removed, pets will associate that area with discomfort and stay away.
The Red stage trains your cat to go into the bathroom whenever they need to 'go,' and to hop up onto the toilet to do it. The special white seat starts on the floor next to the toilet with the red training disc full of litter just like their regular litter tray. Later, the whole thing is placed on the toilet rim so your cat learns to hop up to go. This take around 2-3 weeks on average.

University Pet
The College pet is the pet that has evolved into a grown up pet. Like all College students this pet still has a way to find mischief. HealthyPets knows it's hard for all College Students to keep their focus, that's why these products will have your pet on their best behavior and graduating with honors.
DAP Dog Appeasing Pheromone mimics the pheromone that the mother dog produces to calm and reassure her puppies. Dogs recognize these pheromones throughout life. It is an effective natural way to help dogs cope with new and fearful situations.
Feliway (Comfort Zone) spray and diffusers prevent cats from urinating where they shouldn't. This fantastic new pheromone Feliway spray or diffuser duplicates the smell of a cat's natural scent glands. Cats will not soil anything close to where Feliway has been sprayed.
The IQube keeps your pet occupied and eliminates boredom. It is a unique dog toy designed to last longer than traditional dog toys. Also helps develop your dog's intelligence and puzzle solving skills.
An natural calming formula promotes a sense of calm for stressed, nervous, or anxious dogs. It eases stress and tension caused by changes in pet's daily routine, separation or travel anxiety, thunderstorms, fireworks, loud noises, Vet or groomer's visits, or any other stressful situations. Pick some up for your pet today.

June is best known for the arrival of summer and also Graduation for many students. Although you can’t send your pet off to a 4-year university you can still get all the benefits of training from home. No matter what education level your pet is at HealthyPets will have your pet graduating with honors in no time.