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Pet Eating Right Guide

With summer just around the corner get your pet into shape by giving them food and treats that are nutritious and delicious! Many pet owners believe that healthy food means bland food; however, that's not the case. There are many treats available for dogs and cat's that taste great and are low in calories.

It's estimated that over 35% of all dogs and 40% of all cats are obese. If your pet is overweight there are steps that you can take to help them. A healthy diet, regular veterinarian visits and plenty of exercise are essential to helping your pet extend his life. For dogs' the primary cause of obesity is over eating and a lack of exercise.

No matter what the cause the first step in helping your overweight pet is to take your pet to their veterinarian. Before placing your pet on a diet it's important to make sure they are healthy. Ruling out digestive and stomach problems can help ensure that you place your pet on a diet that will work. The second step is to examine your pet's diet. If you find that you tend to give your pet too many treats or tend to over fill their food bowl it's time to cut back.

When getting your pet to lose weight it's essential to put them on a feeding schedule. Along with setting up a feeding schedule it's important to feed your pet the right foods. For cat owner's it's important to watch what you feed them. Dry foods tend to have more calories it's better to feed your kitty wet food. Another reason to give your pet wet food is that it contains more protein and fat. For dogs it's important to feed them treats and food that are low in calories. The following treats will keep your pet satisfied and you happy knowing that you gave them a healthy snack.
Joint TreatsRoyal CaninPet 'n ShapeGreenies

While you're helping your pets nutrition give them a supplement that can be equally beneficial. This will help your pet's joints to feel their best. And because it's low in calories you can be sure you're giving your pet a nutritious supplement.

Joint MAX TSSyner-GVetri-LeanFlaxy CatNu-CatHealthy Cat

For an obese pet it isn't enough that you simply change their diet but it's important that your pet gets enough exercise. Below is a list a toys that will bring out your pet's playful side! These toys will make even the most tiered pet ready for play.
Otis & ClaudeChuckit!AgilityPanic MouseLaser CatFling-ama-String

Unlike humans and dogs, felines don't use carbohydrates for energy; as a result they turn into fat. If you feed your cat treats that are high in carbs in combination with dry food they will be more likely to gain weight. Finding the right treat for your cat doesn't have to be a daunting task. The following treats provide nutrition and are low in calories!
Trim TreatsCatnipBerry TreatLean TreatsKitty Kuisine
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