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Pet Behavior & Obedience Guide

Pet Behavior Training

Is your pet behaving badly? Obedience training is one of the best things you can do for your dog, puppy, cat, or kitten. Puppy training, spraying cats, and barking dogs can be hard to deal with. Pet behavior problems can be solved without hiring a trainer. Sometimes the answer is as simple as anxiety relief medication, or a toy for boredom. The quality products below range from high tech to natural solutions. Improving your dog or cat's problem behaviors can improve your relationship and create a more harmonious environment for you both.

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Pet Obedience Training
Here we have a variety of effective solutions for your pet's training needs. Stop behaviors like nuisance barking, bathroom training, and other inappropriate behaviors. Read more about specific behaviors like grass eating, scratching, spraying, and socializing your pet.

Dog Training Collars & Containment Systems

Remote Trainer

SnapBack Leash

Triple Crown Clicker

Puppy Training Pads

Extra Foldable Training Aid


Gentle Spray Anti-Bark Collar

Virtual Barrier
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Pet Stress & Anxiety
Stressed and anxious pets will often display destructive behavior. These products will help your pet relax at home, on the road, or when you and your pet are separated. Read more about separation anxiety.

Tranquil Tabs for Dogs

Gentle Leader Calming Cap


Dog Appeasing Pheromone

HomeoPet Anxiety

HomeoPet TFLN Anxiety

HomeoPet Travel Anxiety


Feline Anti-Anxiety &
Calming Formula
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Books & DVDS
There's no easier way to learn how to train your pet, than a book or DVD. These books and DVD's are easy to understand and will make training a breeze.

Training Videos

TFH Training Books

DogGone Songs - Soothe the Animal Spirit
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Treats for good dogs & cats
One way to strengthen your pet's training is with positive reinforcement. In other words, give your good dog or cat a treat for a job well done. The wide variety of treats below are specially designed for your pet's pallet and health.

Joint Treats

Kitty Kaviar

Merrick Treats

Feline Greenies


CET Chews
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