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Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Do your part this month in participating in the fight against pet cancer. Cancer in pets is a serious problem that many pet owners face today. Often times, there is little a pet owner or highly skilled veterinarian can do to save a pet from this deadly disease.
Did You Know?
Did you know one in four dogs die of cancer? The statistics show that this disease is a widespread problem that deserves attention. Pet owners need to be aware of the dangers of this disease and how it affects their pets. The first step in prevention is to understand this disease better. Of course, regular check-ups with the veterinarian are crucial but there are also some warnings signs you should know.

1. A loss of weight
2. A loss of appetite
3. Unusual or unpleasant odor
4. Stiffness or inability to move around freely
5. Trouble with breathing
If your pet exhibits one or more of these symptoms, you must take him/her to see the veterinarian. Treatment for cancer in pets is very similar to treatments humans undergo. This can include radiation therapy or surgical procedures. The road to recovery varies with the type of cancer and health or age of the pet. We continue to make strides medically in treating cancer in pets but there is always an opportunity for you to do your part by donating to the cause. Our pets deserve the best chance we can give them.

What Can You Do?
Spaying or neutering helps decrease the likelihood of some cancers. Pet owners must keep their companions active and healthy as obesity is one major cause of the disease. Making sure your pet is getting a high quality diet is also important in cancer prevention. Try some of these products and be proactive in the fight against pet cancer.

Pet Kelp Antioxidant Formula
Pet Kelp Antioxidant Formula

Pet Canine Plus Senior
Canine Plus Senior

Simply Wild Pet Food
Simply Wild Pet Food

Salmon Treats for Cats
Salmon Treats for Cats

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