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Pet Ag KMR Liquid (11 oz)

Item: PA995091
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Pet Ag KMR Liquid acts as a replacement for mothering cat's milk for kittens that are orphaned, rejected or in the process of being weaned.

 KMR Liquid is an all-natural supplementary feed that provides a nutritionally balanced formula to your kitten. KMR is an ideal replacement for weaned kittens, but it is also a great supplement for older cats that live in high-stress environments and could use additional nutrition. KMR is contains the nutrients your cat needs in an easy-to-digest liquid.

KMR's formula is designed to match the queen's milk in protein,energy and taurine content. Taurine is essential for a cat's health and cat's have difficulty producing enough on their own, requiring supplementary taurine in their diet. This makes KMR a perfect solution for your cat. Though this KMR is an easy-to-use liquid formula, KMR is also available in a powder formulation. Order KMR for your kitten or cat today!

Key Features:
  • Nutritionally balanced for cats and kittens
  • Easy-to-digest and ready-to-serve liquid formulation
  • Contains taurine and proteins that your cat or kitten needs to survive
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