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Paw and Nail Grooming Guide

Paw and nail care is an important part of pet grooming.
Neatly trimmed nails are not just for comfort, but they
reduce potential pet injuries. For many pet owners, they tend to shy away from trimming their pets themselves because they are scared of hurting their pet during trimming. With these great tips below, home nail care will be simple and stress–free.
Teach your pet to sit still during nail–trimming sessions. Begin by holding your pet's feet and toes firmly for 15 to 30 seconds. Your pet will feel much more comfortable when it has its feet held during these nail–trimming sessions. During these sessions, do not let them mouth or bite you. Make sure to praise your pet after each successful clip.
Assemble a kit to make nail trimming easy and convenient. The kit should
include a pair of nail trimmers and nail file, specifically designed for your
pet, and a pair of grooming shears to clip excess hair that gets in the
way of trimming.
Proper nutrition is a key component to healthy skin, coat, and nails.
In addition to providing your pet with a nutritionally balanced diet,
you should consider giving your pet a multivitamin. The benefits
of having strong and healthy nails will make it easier to trim
them and will also reduce the chances of snagging and
tearing on surfaces.
1. Sit on the floor with your pet and hold your pet in your lap. Firmly grasp your pet's paw and push on their pads to extend the nail.
2. Maintain a nail trimmer at a 45-degree angle and trim thin slices off the end of a nail. Stop when you see a black dot appear towards the center of the nail. This is the start of the quick and is a visual cue for you to stop trimming any further.
3. File the nail in a sweeping motion starting from the back of the nail. Follow the curve of the nail to the tip to remove any burs.
4. If you accidentally cut the quick, use Styptic Powder to wipe off the blood and stop the bleeding.
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