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OxyDex Shampoo 8oz
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OxyDex Shampoo 8oz

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OxyDex Shampoo for dogs and cats. OxyDex Shampoo a potent, antimicrobial, degreasing, cleansing, moisturizing, formula for dogs and cats. This benzoyl peroxide shampoo relieves signs associated with superficial and deep pyodermas, seborrhea complex, and for conditions where antimicrobial, follicular flushing is of benefit. OxyDex Shampoo contains sodium lactate, a natural moisturizing factor, to promote hydration of the skin and diminish dryness caused by benzoyl peroxide. OxyDex Shampoo may also be used as a routine antiseptic shampoo, especially prior to demodicosis treatments.

Active ingredients: Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%

Directions : Shake well before use. Wet coat thoroughly. Begin by applying to affected areas, and then proceed to apply product over entire body. When the entire coat is treated, allow to stand 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water. OxyDex Shampoo may be used as often as necessary or as directed by veterinarian.

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