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Popular Outdoor Pet Activities

The outdoors provides a new world of adventure and excitement for you and your dog. With so many different activities around every corner, your dog will never be disappointed. Outdoor activities not only provide great exercise for you and your pet but also strengthen the relationship and bond you have with your pet.

Taking your dog for a walk is a great way to relieve stress for you and your dog. Your dog can experience a lot of stress and pressure especially if your dog is at home without a companion during the day. Nothing can reconnect that bond better than an afternoon stroll to show your dog just how much they mean.

Useful supplies for your walk:

are a great all natural treat that also freshens breath to reward your dog after a relaxing walk.
are personalized tags for your dog and cat. These ID tags will keep your pet safe in any outdoor activity.
is an attachable light that's made to fit on all retractable leashes. Light up your walk in the dark with the Leash Light today!
made it clean and simple to pick up after your pooch. Most states require you to pick up the mess, Wag Bags just make it easy.

Every year many families head out to the great outdoors to enjoy the wilderness and go camping. Camping trips usually include the family pets as well. It's good to be prepared so your dog can enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer.

Useful Camping Products:

is a dog bathing solution that allows you to wet, wash and rinse in one hand-held unit. Take HydroSurge on all your camping trips to ensure your dog stays clean.
provides outstanding comfort and durability, all in a collapsible design, making it easy to take your dog's favorite pet bed anywhere it goes.
provides a quick killing spray that will keep your dog comfortable on all your trips.
will track down your dog and his whereabouts in real time. Never worry about your dog wondering off again!

A great form of exercise for you and your pet is to go for a hike. Going for a hike can help you discover a new relationship with your four legged friend. Make sure you are properly prepared to handle the changes in climate or any emergency that might occur during your hike.

Useful Hiking Products:

is a great quick response kit to have around should an emergency arise with your pet. Ideal for treating dogs, cats and other small domestic animals.
will help your dog stay cool on those muggy summer days.
Provides refreshing water on the go for your dog. Never leave your dog thirsty again with the lixit dog water bottle.
are innovative dog booties especially for active and aging pets. Designed to protect your dog paws and provide superior traction and stability.

Soak in the sun with a splash. You can head to the beach, the lake, the river or even your own backyard pool. Dogs love the hours of countless fun they have in the water. Most dogs love to fetch or simply just go for a swim. Water activities in your pets exercise can help them remain strong and agile while leaving you with hours of fun.

Useful Water Sport Products:

This unique floatable H20 Waterdrop Football dog toy is made specifically for fun, fetching, training and exercising in and around water.
is great for playing with your dog in and around water, in your backyard or at the local dog park. It's even soft enough for indoor play during those cold winter months!
The Solvit Waterproof Bench Car Seat Cover is a great choice for protecting the back seat from dirt, dander, and 'spills'.
is a unique drying gel and deodorant formulated to help maintain a moisture free environment.

Heading to the dog park can help your dog in many ways. Your dog will learn to get along with other dogs and humans. Your dog will also get a lot more exercise in a friendly environment that they are comfortable in. Dog parks are now popping up in almost every community so it shouldn't be hard to find one close to home.

Useful Dog Park Products:

help any size dog get up and down after an exhausting day at the dog park. These ramps are easily transportable and also easy to clean.
feature a comfortable, contoured, easy-grip handle with one-button control to activate the brake and lock system.
are a great escape from the dog park. If you don't have a dog park near you keep your pet in shape with this obstacle course.
helps stop or prevent fear and stress-related behavior in puppies and adult dogs that result in: destructive behavior, house soiling, excessive licking, anxiety.

Playing fetch is the perhaps the best past time you can enjoy with your pet. Playing fetch with your dog not only is great exercise but also teaches your dog to be obedient. There are many different fetch toys your dog can enjoy no matter how big or small they are.

Fetch toys for your dog:

is perfect for the outdoors and a great game of fetch anytime. It's compact; features a retractable handle for ease of travel and storage.
keeps pets on their paws with the unique erratic bounces. It'll provide your pooch with hours of fun and exercise. Bettie Fetch toy is perfect for playing by the waters or tossing around in the park.
is fun for the whole family. This playful squirrel will spin at the pull of the tail and fly across the room when you launch it.
is the perfect interactive toss toy. Exercise with your dog without overexerting yourself. Slingshot design allows you to play catch over and over without getting doggie slobber on your hands and makes picking up the ball easier.

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