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Otis and Claude Manufacturer's Spotlight

Otis and Claude – a California based company has been turning out innovation and stylish pet products since 1999. It's colorful, creative, and contemporary designs have been changing the way people perceive pet toys. It all started with a toy-obsessed Chocolate Lab named Dylan in a hip San Francisco loft and the idea that dog products could be better. Otis and Claude started with the simple mission of making design-driven products that are fun and functional for dogs and their humans. 


The Bettie™ was the company's first product line of "fetching dog toys." Its three-prong shaped lightweight tapered design is perfect for throwing and tug.o.war while being easy to grip. The high-performance rubber,  hollow legs, and colorful designs makes them perfect for hiding treats and stylish enough to be part of the  house décor. Starting at $9.99


Following success of the Bettie™, Otis and Claude launched the Lucy™ dog bowl. The Lucy's sleek modern shape and fun graphic design is available in two hip color combinations each with a whimsical name. Initial color options include Tangy Turquoise and Luscious Lemon.

The bowl was dubbed Lucy™ to reflect the company's dedication to blending contemporary ideas with a bit of nostalgia.  Lucy™ delivers more than good looks. The non-toxic, lightweight material is designed for easy handling. Starting at $13.99

Otis and Claude have also developed an environmentally conscious product called Wag Bags™. Wag Bags™ are biodegradable plastic pet waste bags designed for comfort and ease of use. Its mitt- shaped designed and lemon scent allows for easy pick-up and makes cleaning up after your pet a more pleasant experience.

The convenient travel size makes it the perfect product to bring along on walks to the parks or anywhere you bring you pet.  Because they are biodegradable, Wag Bags™ are the eco-friendly choice. Starting at $4.99

The Rita™ is high-performance rubber ball that is perfect for fetching.  The center core design makes it fun for packing snacks and allows it to float for hours of beachside frolicking. The Rita™ comes in six brilliant colors – Kiwi Green, Lavender Purple, Feisty Fuchsia Pink, Ruby Red, Neon Orange, and Teal Blue. Starting at $11.99


The Jed™ is modern twist on the old squeaker tennis ball. Made from rubber and felt, just like a tennis ball, it has a unique handle top that makes it easy to toss and keeps a fetch game lively as it bounces and lands unpredictably. The Jed is a tried and true toy into the 21st century. Starting at $6.99


The Floyd™ takes a new spin on the Frisbee. With its unique design and its nylon and rubber construction, this flying toy is designed to float on water and fly in the air. This rugged fling toy is as easy to toss as it is on the eyes and will keep any style conscious dog retrieving for hours. Starting at $7.99


The Sleep™ is a unique contemporary designed bed that make everyday pet living more stylish, comfortable, and fun! The Sleep™ round beds are a unique contemporary modern design made from wood, cotton, and polyfoam. The bed frame has rounded edges and clean lines that prevent pets from injury and the dual-color cushions are washable and reversible.  Sleep is the modern bed for the pampered pet! Starting at $39.99


The CLIMB™ is the first modular kitty condo that you won't want to hide in the closet. Not only do the Otis and Claude CLIMB allow your pets to survey lift from way up high, your pets can also hide, scratch and peek to their hearts content. Modern colors allow the Climb to fit in with any décor. Starting at $149.99


Since the initial success of the Bettie™ dog toy and the Lucy™ dog bowl, Otis and Claude have added several new lines of dog toys and accessories. Creation of innovative and hip products for cats soon followed.  Otis and Claude continue to create cutting-edge products to add to its great line of products to appease the ever evolving needs of pets and their owners. We look forward to seeing what comes out next from Otis and Claude.