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Sentry AV Ornacycline Powder for Birds (8 packets)
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Sentry AV Ornacycline Powder for Birds (8 packets)

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This item has been on MANUFACTURER DISCONTINUED. We recommend trying Sentry AV Ornacyn-Plus Powder for Birds (8 packets)

Sentry AV Ornacycline aids in the treatment of respiratory and intestinal bacterial infections of pet birds. Featuring a fruit flavor and fast dissolving powder, mixing easily into drinking water. The special formulation treats most common bird respiratory ailments and intestinal bacterial infections. Safe to use with all species of birds.

Indications of illness include obvious changes in bird’s appearance or behavior. Symptoms include not eating, ruffled feathers, labored breathing, sneezing, diarrhea.


Each packet contains 250 mg of tetracycline hydrochloride, natural orange and other fruit flavors.

Useful Information

Ailing birds – for small birds (i.e. canary) use one packet per eight ounces of water. For larger bird (i.e. mynah) use two packets per eight ounces of water. Use as the bird’s only drinking water for five days. Make a fresh solution every day. For best results, use distilled water. If no water is consumed for 48-72 hours or bird’s condition gets worse, consult your veterinarian.

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