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Omega 3 & 6 Powered Products

Anytime the word "fat" is mentioned, our immediate reaction is negative. However, if a person were to mention "fatty acids", the response is the complete opposite. Fatty acids are no stranger to being beneficial to human foods. The transference to pet products is clearly present as dozens of pet product manufacturers have focused on Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Omega fatty acids are so powerful that they are capable of helping pets with allergies, strengthening the immune system, aid inflammatory problems, as well as relieve pets with chronic illnesses. To sum it up, pets can benefit from Omega fatty acids in almost every way.
Skin & Coat Supplements
Giving Omega fatty acid supplements to your pet isn't just for beautifying their skin and coat; they're capable of aiding allergies and skin disorders. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are so powerful that they can prevent problems like hot spots, dull coats, and inflamed dry and itchy skin.
One of the greatest aspects to Omega fatty acids are their ability to be included in many kinds of products the most important being treats! Treats that benefit a pet's health makes your job as an owner that much easier. Imagine that Omega powered treats that help support a pet's heart, coat, joints and skin.
If you're constantly reminding yourself to brush your teeth twice a day, have you thought about how many times you've brushed your pet's teeth? Well worry not as those Omega fatty acids have a solution for you once again. You'll be glad too these products require zero brushing. These food additives and dental chews will happily save you the trouble!
Those Omega fatty acids are at it again what problems are they not capable of solving for our pet needs? Keeping a clean pet isn't the easiest task to do but Omega fatty acids can help again. Supplement those supplements with exterior solutions that clean your pet while giving them healthy skin and coats particularly for pets with allergies.
Other Omega Products
We apologize if we have created an obsession for products that include Omega fatty acids as an ingredient; it's just that these Omega fatty acids are capable of doing so much! If you're still not convinced, these other Omega powered products may be more convincing.

If you and your pet have developed an addiction for products that contain Omega fatty acids, stay tuned with our New Products section that are sure to include more of the products you love. Visit our Pet Resource Center to learn more about the benefits of Omega fatty acids.