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Winter Olympics

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Vancouver is the official site of the 2010 Winter Olympics. As athletes train and prepare for this momentous occasion, your pet can participate in the festivities. Bring out the Olympian in your pet with these helpful products that can help bring out the rugged potential they have. Shop and enjoy the savings we have to offer!

Harsh terrains require the right tools - we have what they need here!

Casual Canine Parkas Pawz Dog Boots
Starting at $9.99 Starting at $11.99
Casual Canine Base Camp Parkas Pawz Dog Boots
Watson's MyPaws Zack & Zoe Jacket
All-Terrain Dog Shoes All-Terrain Jacket
Starting at $24.99 Starting at $4.99
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Vital Outdoor Accessories
Pets need a helping hand to compete - these accessories give them exactly what they need!

Dog BackPacks Non Spill Water Bowl Pet First Aid Kit Handi Water
Dog BackPacks Non Spill Water Bowl Deluxe First Aid Kit Portable Pet Water
Sale at $24.99 Sale at $18.99 Sale at $29.99 Starting at $8.99

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Joint Boosters
Support stronger joints and bones with these high performing glucosamine supplements.

Joint Max TS    Glyco-Flex
Starting at $24.99 Starting at $4.99
Joint MAX Triple Glyco Flex
Rematrix Zoom Dog
ReMatrix     Zoom Dog
Starting at $36.50 Starting at $11.99

Energy Boosters
Your pet will dash right past the finish line with these energy supplements.

K9 Performance Tabs Dyne Supplement K9 Super Fuel Lixotinic
K9 Performance Tabs Dyne Supplement K9 Super Fuel Lixotinic
Sale at $8.99 Sale at $11.99 Sale at $16.09 Sale at $92.99

Premium-grade toys are needed for Olympian pets. These toys are perfect for your cross-country pet.

Skinneeez   Dog Agility Kit
Starting at $4.15 Sale at $47.99
Skinneeez Agility
Kong Extreme Tuff Balls
Extreme Kongs        Tuff Balls
Starting at $6.29 Sale at $0.99
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