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NutrientWise Vitamin & Supplement for Horses

NutrientWise provides the vitamins and minerals necessary to the maintenance of overall good health. When your horse's daily diet can't provide all the nutrition he needs, turn to NutrientWise to fill the gaps.


  • Adds essential vitamins and minerals that counter the effects of oxidative stress caused by normal metabolism and exercise. The harder a horse works, the more nutritional support it needs.
  • Contributes essential vitamins and minerals to a diet containing mostly hay, hay cubes or fiber pellets. This is especially important in diets where grass and grain is limited due to metabolic disease or weight control.
  • Delivers vitamins and minerals that support a robust immune system in horses of all ages.
  • Fills in dietary gaps for horses that are not eating recommended levels of fortified concentrates (pellets or sweet feeds).
  • Maintains adequate nutrient levels to support the healing of tissue and bones in horses that are recovering from illness or injury and are on restricted diets.
  • Provides the supplementation necessary to protect the nutritional status of both the mare and her foal during the last trimester of pregnancy and lactation.
  • Supplies additional vitamins and minerals to support the rapid bone and muscular growth in young horses.

When health issues arise, always seek the advice of a licensed veterinarian who can help you choose the correct course of action for your horse. Supplements are intended to maintain healthy systems and support recovery and healing. They are not intended to treat or cure illness or injury.

Recommended for

    Veterinarians often recommend vitamin and mineral supplements. NutrientWise is recommended for horses that are:

  • Training and competing vigorously
  • Consuming diets limited in fresh green grass and/or eating poor-quality hay
  • Being fed less than the recommended amounts of fortified concentrates (pellets or sweet feed)
  • Living in high-stress situations, such as frequent travelers and/or horses being relocated
  • Recovering from injury where additional nutrition is needed to promote healing
  • Recuperating from illness where the digestive tract has been compromised or a restricted diet or medication might interfere with adequate nutrient intake
  • Young growing horses in need of additional nutrition
  • Last trimester pregnant or lactating mares and breeding stallions