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No Fleas

NO MORE FLEAS! A flea free pet is a happy pet. No more fleas, no more problems with scratching. Frontline PLUS, Program Flea Control, Advantage flea control, and K9 Advantix, will relieve your pet of flea and tick infestations. Also, consider using Heartgard PLUS for heartworms.

There are orally administered products on the market formulated to bread the flea's life cycle by preventing flea eggs or larvae from developing into adults. However, these products have no effect on adult fleas that may currently exist on your pet. Treat it by using a topical or oral flea medication will prevent the unnecessary suffering of your pet. If your pets are not on flea preventatives, there's a good chance they "Got fleas". Fortunately, a relatively new class of flea control products has been introduced over the past few years by several companies. These treatments are used monthly and provide the best protection available against fleas.

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