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We've made some changes to our site lately most notably, our product reviews! We know how important product reviews are in helping you to decide what products you purchase. If you haven't had a chance to see how drastic the changes are, here's a quick overview!

Be a contributor to our site by reviewing products you have purchased from us. We would love to hear your feedback! Simply visit the product page and click on Write a review. Your feedback helps us improve the products we offer in the future.
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Product Rating Add a Review
Salmon Treats Salmon Treats for Cats 4 half stars Write a Review
Joint MAX bundle 2 Pack Joint Max DS 5 stars Write a Review
Homeo 3 Pack HomeoPet Leaks 5 stars Write a Review
DAP 3 Pack DAP Collar for 5 stars Write a Review
Kitty Kaviar 6 Pack Kitty Kaviar 5 stars Write a Review
Allermyl Shampoo Allermyl Shampoo 5 stars Write a Review
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