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Aqueon Replacement Filter Cartridges Medium (3 Pack)

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The Aqueon replacement filter cartridges 3-pack is great for keeping your tank's water clean. Help your pets breathe easier with helpful maintenance of the tank's water and debris. With dual-sided replaceable dense-floss, these cartridges keep more debris and particles out of your tank's water, which will keep your pets from suffering from dangerous dirty waters. The activated carbon in each filter helps remove toxic impurities, keeping your fish and reptiles safe in the water while they swim and play. Odors can be eliminated and discoloration is also less of a concern with the activated carbon inside each of the filters. Each filter should be replaced every four to six weeks for the best results, which will make sure your pets are healthy and safe in their home. This 3-pack gives you everything you need to keep your pets happy for the next three to four months, so you can know they are in healthy waters.

Useful Information

Instructions For Use:
A complete list of installation, set up guide and important safety instructions is included with your purchase. Be sure to read and follow all safety precautions and keep instructions on hand for future reference. Remove cover from filter. Remove used cartridge from bio-holster by pushing down gently on the holster and pulling the tab on the cartridge upwards. Discard used filter cartridge. Bio-holster should not be removed or cleaned, as it contains living beneficial bacteria. Rinse new cartridge under cold water to remove carbon dust. Insert new cartridge into bio-holster by aligning the key slot on the cartridge with the key slot on the biological grid. Replace cover on filter. NOTE: Cover will not fit properly if the filter cartridge is installed incorrectly. Cartridges should be replaced when water begins to enter the filter bypass and/or the cartridge becomes clogged. Cartridges should be replaced every 4-6 weeks.

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