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Multipet Gum Gum Latex Christmas Wreath

Item: MP42914
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Multipet Gum Gum Latex Christmas Wreath is a great holiday treat for puppies and dogs alike.

 This latex Christmas wreath has an extremely festive design to suit the holidays, and it's a great gift for a pet on the holiday reason. The bright vibrant color of this Christmas wreath are sure to add some excitement to a puppy's life, and the latex texture will encourage a dog or puppy to chew on it. Puppies often need to chew on things to alleviate the pain of teething, and dogs usually have an innate urge to chew to let out excess energy or simply for enjoyment.

The Multipet Gum Gum Latex Christmas Wreath is a great toy to either play fetch with or simply let a dog play with on their own, and it is an extremely safe toy as well. The toy is soft, which means dogs do not run the risk of breaking or chipping their teeth on it. It also means that it can help them clean their teeth as they chew, which can contribute to mouth health and better breath.

The benefits of the Multipet Gum Gum Latex Christmas Wreath include:
  • The wonderful texture of this Christmas toy is enjoyed by dogs and puppies alike.
  • This toy can be used for a quick game of fetch as well as a chew toy.
  • A festive design ensures that this Christmas Wreath will be a great toy for the holiday season.
  • Chew toys can help satisfy a dog's natural urge to chew and prevent unwanted chewing behavior.
  • Useful Information

    Remove if worn or broken.

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