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Product Reviews of the Month + Winner

HealthyPets offers some of the best prices on your pet's products. Help out your fellow customers by writing a review on a product that you just purchased or in the past be it good or bad. Review those products for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate! Also as a bonus, the top reviewed item for the month will also be offered at a discounted price.

All qualified reviews will be entered into a monthly random drawing. Winners will be announced on our Facebook Fan Page (become a fan to stay up to date!). No purchase necessary to enter and win. Feel free to enter as many times as you'd like and increase your chances of winning!

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This Month's Winner!

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Special Discount: $10.19

"Great Product!"

Our 5 year old German Shepherd hates thunderstorms and would pace, pant, claw, etc. until the storm was over. We tried this product and it has helped tremendously! The storms no longer bother him and he even sleeps through the nighttime storms! He's a picky eater and won't eat them as is, so we cover them with whipped cream and he takes them with no problem!

Current Top Rated Products
"Well Worth Trying for Anxiety"

We adopted a dog with severe anxiety issues. Rain, thunder, firecrackers, the heat or air conditioning clicking on, any loud/sudden noises leave him shaking and hiding well after the noise has stopped. Sometimes he would refuse to eat because he was so upset. I did not think at 9 years old there would be anything other than medication (which I did not want to start as the "triggers" were constant) that could help him as his behavoirs were so ingrained. I wanted a natural approach. I tried the D.A.P. diffusers with great success. I used the plug-in duffusers for approximately a month before noticing my dog had a marked decrease in his anxiety level when stressful situations occurred. Now he will even sleep under the diffuser at times. The anxiety is not totally gone, but significantly reduced and I can see my dog is happier. I would highly recommend D.A.P. diffusers before other forms treatment.

"Stopped the goopy sneezes!"

My 15 year old cat has been suffering from long-term sinus problems and has been sneezing goop all over the house at all hours for years (eww!), despite numerous courses of antibiotics. I read about lysine being good for chronic URIs and asked the vet about it, and she said to give it a try. Within a couple of weeks the sneezing reduced dramatically, and he sounds a lot less congested too. If we keep giving the treats regularly, he hardly ever sneezes. He loves the taste of these treats, so it's a breeze to give him his medicine too!

"Great purchase!"

Thank you Joint Max! I couldn't be happier and am most thrilled with the results. My 19 year old cat actually "runs" (at this age meaning trots along faster). I give this product to both my older cats and definitely see positive results in both. I recommend this product every chance I get!
--Kitty Lover

"Great product"

I have two 14 year old Shih-Tzus (litter mates)who have liver problems. One, Cocoa, would vomit after eating. Since her liver enzymes were off, the vet recommended Denosyl. She started eating and not vomitting, her energy levels returned to normal energy. I stopped after about 3 months and she again began to vomit after eating I went back to giving her Denosyl and she again stopped vomitting after eating. A few months later, her sister, Molly, began refusing to eat at regular times, she would refuse some meals and then eat after she had missed a couple of meals. She was eating about 1/3 or her normal diet and was losing weight. She looked very ill. I had her checked at the vet, but they couldn't find anything wrong except some liver enzymes being too high. I tried Denosyl and she has returned to her normal appetite and diet. I don't usually write reviews, but this product has been a life safer to my aging Shih-Tzus!

"Excellent Product !!"

I have been using this product for over a year after several rounds at the vet. It helped my cats urinary infection within days. I now give them daily to her as a treat. She hogs them down like candy. I think she looks forward to them because she knows they make her feel better. I now cannot find any in my area. Thank you so much for offering this product. I cannot recommend this product enough.

"Epakitin 300 mg"

This is a great product for dogs and cats going through kidney/renal failure. This has helped my dog a lot and would recommend this product for those dogs and cats that need a Phosphorus Binder. This is easy to use and dogs/cats love the taste! You will not be displeased!!

"The best product I've ever invested in for my dogs"

Not only do the dogs love it (both nine years old), they devour it, so it must taste good. But that's not nearly the reason this is the best investment. My Labrador is clearly aging. His joints are sore, especially his hips, he sometimes has a hard time getting up after long periods of laying and sometimes even slips (can you say heartbreaking?!?!?). The vet prescribed meds that basically worked out to over $130/mo. I love my babies and would do anything for them, but I questioned this being the only solution. I went to my local natural pet food store and she recommended Nupro (she had samples but none in stock). I ordered it that night and started the samples immediately. Within a day my boy was bouncing around like a puppy again. He has no difficulties getting up, even after a whole night's sleep, and no slipping around the corners. His coat is shinier and he gets that puppy-face when I'm mixing the gravy. Additionally, ships incredibly fast, I was astonished, it was literally here in two days. I can't thank you enough. My wallet thanks you too. Very sincerely,
--Dawny G.


Today I'm ordering a larger little sheltie just keeps getting bigger. This harness is so easy to get on to the dog & easy to attach the leash to just walk him into anywhere you're going. Also, he seems to find it less offensive than putting on that big fuzzy thing for riding in Dad's truck. Recommend it highly!

"Best dog cookies ever"

My dogs absolutely love these treats. They ask to go out now just so they can come in and get a cookie. One of my females doesn't really care for treats, except these. She hears me open the bag and comes running with the rest of the pack. They're a good size also, neither to big for a small dog or to small for a big dog.

"A Life Saver"

our large dog that is 8 years old has had surgery on his back leg and the other leg is worse and the doctor told us not to do the surgery and to decide what to do since he was in so much pain. we had almost decided to put him down and i read reviews on the product. so we ordered it and tried it and you would not believe how much this stuff helps him. he is barking again and chasing our other dogs. anyone hesitating on this medication, please dont. just order it and you will be happy. i have 3 other dogs that have arthritis and limps and i started them on it also and they are doing wonderul. thanks to all the people who leave reviews....

"best retractable lead yet"

I have two Siberian Huskys and have tried a lot of leashes, both regular and retractable. I love this one so much. It's so easy to use, it has a one button lock, it has a comfortable grib, which is a huge plus with a pulling huskey, reflective material for protection near traffic. I can hold both dogs with one hand because it has a large enough grip to allow your hand to reach through and grasp both grips, yet isn't a clumpsy large grip. (We have the large size leash). I am 5'3" and often told that I am very petite. I don't think anyone looking for a retractable leash would go wrong with this one, I love it!

"It really makes a difference!"

My Siamese cat has a bad case of herpes, because she was left untreated for so long before she was adopted which means she will always show some symptoms no matter how good the medicine is. We tried other brands of lysine powder and pastes that cost more money than the Felisyl, such as Viralys. None of them made the difference that Felisyl made for our cat. She has less frequent eye watering and sneezing compared to the other brands. She seems happier and more full of life!

"Best Purchase Ever !!!"

I have a 10 year old German Shepared, Duke. And as we know they have the thick coat around their neck. Summer is coming and I want to keep him as cool and comfortable as possible. So I gave this brush a try. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT !!! And so does Duke. The brush did remove his under coat ! Thank you Entirely Pets !!
--Jane & Duke Hollerman

"Best Appetite Stimulant"

I was introduced to this product when one of my cats was hospitalized and would not eat. The vet at the hospital used it as an appetite stimulant, not to control digestive problems. She shared with me that the veterinarians in the practice called it "kitty crack" because cats cannot resist it. She was right! Over the years I've used it to entice my cat with chronic renal failure to eat enough to maintain a healthy weight. I previously had to force-feed him with a syringe, something we both hated. Now I sprinkle a little FortiFlora on his food and he eats well at each serving. This product is a godsend for those who struggle with getting their cats to eat a healthy meal.
--Cat Mom