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March Specials

Spring is almost here and flea & tick season is just around the corner. March Specials will help you prepare for the seasonal change and feature the essential products to help keep your pets happy, healthy and safe. Enjoy our pot-of-gold savings with March Madness Coupons and free shipping on orders over $100!
advantage cat

Starting at $38.99
frontline PLUS

Frontline PLUS

Starting at $33.99
k9 advantix
K9 Advantix

Starting at $39.99


Starting at $11.99

Rita Ball
Starting at $11.99

Angel Eyes
Starting at $21.99

SpraySentry Kit

Starting at $35.99

Starting at $9.99

High Pitch Whistle
Starting at $3.49

Pyrethrin Dip
Starting at $20.99

Leash Light
Starting at $6.50

Feliway & DAP
Starting at $15.90

Pet Arthritis, pet joint supplements
Cosequin DS
Joint MAX Triple Strength
Joint Treats

All Joints Supplements
Flea & Tick Center
Stress & Anxiety

Greenies - Dog dental chews

Starting at

Green-Um, Protect your lawn from dog , cat urine
Green UM

Starting at

Pooch Pick-up bags, poop bags
Pick-Up Bag

Starting at
Greenies - Quick Release Dog BackPacks
Dog BackPack

Starting at

Planet Dog dog fetch toys
Planet Fetch

Starting at

Give your pets a new all seasonal home, Doskocil Country Barn with Door features cross ventilation, a rain-diverting rim and raised interior floor.
Pets love fresh running water and Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow Pet Fountain provides natuarally cool and oxygenated water. It's ultra quiet and is perfect for your pets.
Stock up on UOff Odor & Stain Remover for your Spring Cleaning needs. Urine Off Odor and Stain Remover eliminates all types of urine and odor stains, even cat urine!
Help relieve your pets from itchy scaling and sensitive skin. Vita-Soothe contains a hypoallergenic formulation to help restore the natural moisture to your pet's skin.
Eliminate pet boredom with new toys they can chase, chew on or challenge themselves intellectually. We offer a wide variety of high quality dog and cat toys at a low price.
Ear and Eye Care Article will show you how to care for your pet's ears and eyes.