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The Importance of Liver Health and Same

Does your dog or cat seem noticeably different lately? Has there been a loss of appetite and even vomiting? Itís a possibility that your pet is having liver problems. Owners typically take good care of their pets but not many know just how bad liver problems can be. We want to inform you of just how vital your petís liver is to its overall health

Why Does Your Pet Need a Healthy Liver?

The liver is the largest part of a dog or catís body, very reflective of your petís health. Here are some reasons why you should make sure your pet has a healthy liver.

  • The liver affects growth, fighting diseases, supplying nutrients, providing energy, and success in reproduction.
  • An unhealthy liver can cause discomfort in your petís lifestyle, emotionally and physically.
  • Liver diseases can be a gateway to other diseases given that it overlaps with other vital organs.
Signs Your Pet May Have Liver Problems

Determining if your pet has liver problems can be difficult but with these tips, you may be able to find out earlier, preventing further liver damage.

  • Changes in eating pattern: your pet may lose its appetite or vomit the food it eats; diarrhea and fatigue may also occur.
  • High rate of enzymes: regular blood tests can show unusually high levels of enzymes indicating signs of liver problems.
  • Blood-clotting tests: if you think your pet ingested poison (Arsenic in rat poison and anti-freeze), canine poisoning prevents blood from clotting normally.
What is SAMe?

SAMe (s-adenosyl-methionine) is a common natural antidepressant that humans use that also serves other purposes. Recently, Pet Health Solutions developed Denestra which is a SAMe product specially developed for your dogs and cats.

Some of the benefits of Denestra include:

  • Promotes Glutathione, a natural antioxidant in petsí bodies that helps regenerate liver cells, aiding in liver health and function
  • Helps the liver break down toxins and free radicals
  • Produces feel-good neurotransmitters that improves mood
  • Reduces pain, stiffness, and inflammation derived from joint problems and arthritis
  • Has no known side effects
What You Can Do To Improve Your Pet's Liver
The health of your petís liver correlates with the way you manage its health. Here are some ideas to keep your dog or cat happy and healthy.
  • Veterinarian visits: nothing is more important than bringing your pet to see a vet regularly.
  • Diet: having a balanced and well-nourished diet not only keeps the liver healthy, it makes your pet energetic and happy.
  • Nutritional supplements: the food you feed your dog doesnít always carry the nutrients and vitamins your pet needs. Supplements can keep your petís organ well functioning and results can show in the coat and skin of the pet.
  • Exercise: taking your pet out for activities keeps them entertained, maintains their strength and agility, and gives you time to bond with your best friend.
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