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Litter Genie Refill (12 pack)

Item: X05321-12PK
Availability: In Stock

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Litter Genie Refill provides an additional refill bag for your Litter Genie Plus Pail. These plastic bags are made to fit your Pail perfectly. To use the refill, simply snap the refill into place and each the bag when the bag is filled cut the plastic film to trigger the automatic dispersal of the next bag. There is also a demarcation towards the end of the refill to inform you when it's time to get a new bag.

The Litter Genie Refill comes with enough bags to last the average cat 2 months. For more cats or a longer duration, you can get the 2-pack of refills from our website. Find the 2-pack, the pail, and other Litter Genie products in the related items section of this page. Order this refill today to make sure your cat box is tidy and odorless.

Key Features:
  • Lasts 2 months
  • Available in 2-pk
  • Easy installation
  • Made to fit Litter Genie Plus Pail
  • Useful Information

    1. Remove plastic ring from top of cartridge
    2. Pull initial bag up and then down through center of cartridge ring
    3. Tie secure knot in bottom of bag
    4. Remove plastic top on Litter Genie and place in cartridge ring
    5. Hold handle open, unlock bottom of unit and pull bag down into bottom of unit
    6. Click closed bottom, release handle and replace top

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