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KONG Cat Kickeroo Mouse Catnip Toy (Assorted)

Item: CR41
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KONG's Kickeroo Mouse is a crinkling cat toy that contains potent catnip to give your cat an enthralling play experience. The toy is in a trapezoidal shape with protrusions to mimic a bushy tail and large, round ears. The toy is thin, being only wide enough to hold some cat nip in a bag and utilizes its 2-dimensional appearance in its vibrant tie-dye design.

KONG's Kickeroo Mouse makes crinkling noises when compressed to further entice cats into play sessions. This toy's noise, catnip and design all serve to stimulate and cater to your cat's instincts. Your cat will love this toy, so order one today!

Key Features:
  • Toy crinkles when compressed to entice cats
  • Catnip encased in toy further elicits play
  • Ultra-soft fabric with unique designs

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