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Sentry HC Groom 'N Comb Self-Grooming Aid with Catnip for Cats
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Sentry HC Groom 'N Comb Self-Grooming Aid with Catnip for Cats

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Sentry HC Groom 'N Comb is a wall mounted, self-grooming aid for cats. Groom 'N Comb combines a cat’s love of being rubbed and groomed as well as feline’s natural attraction to catnip. Hosting a refillable compartment for catnip, each comb panel attracts your cat, and grooms with 600 specially-designed grooming teeth as your cat rubs against it. The combs mount easily to the frame, making cleaning the combs and refilling catnip a breeze.

  • Helps rid your home of cat hair
  • Reduces hair on furniture, carpet and clothing
  • Cats love it!
  • Useful Information


    1. Brush your cat with the sentry HC Groom ‘N Comb before installation. This will allow your cat to become familiar with the comb itself.

    2. Select a wall or corner for mounting the frame. Adhere four tape pads on the frame, one in each outer corner. To install the frame, position frame at the proper height for your cat and press the tape corners firmly to the wall. Hook the top of the comb on the frame and press the bottom slots onto the frame tabs. Repeat this process for the other comb.

    3. To clean loose cat hair from the comb, remove the Sentry HC Groom ‘N Comb from the frame, lower portion first. Wash by hand in warm water using a mild detergent and a stiff brush.

    4. To fill reservoir with catnip, remove the comb from the frame and push the reservoir forward from the slot in the back of the comb. Rub the catnip gently to stimulate the aroma prior to filling the reservoir. Your Sentry HC Groom ‘N Comb comes with a supply of the highest grade of catnip. To assure continued acceptance, be sure to refill often with catnip of comparable quality.

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