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Kit4Cat Cat Urine Sample Collection Sand (2 lbs bag)

Item: IWM038319
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Kit4Cat Cat Urine Sample Collection Sand includes everything you need to collect a urine sample for your cat.

 Urinalysis is a useful diagnostic tool in determining what afflictions may be affecting your cat. Gathering a urine sample for these tests has never been as easy as with this urine sample collection kit.

Kit4Cat Cat Urine Sample Collection Sand is a specially hydrophobic sand that keeps cat urine floating on top of the substrate for easy collection. This kit comes with 2 pounds of the sand, a pipette, and a collection vials to collect a urine sample from your cat. Urinalysis is a common diagnostic tool, so order this collection sand kit today to easily collect urine samples whenever they're needed.

Key Features:
  • Hydrophobic sand keeps urine separate from substrate for easy collection
  • Kit includes 2 pounds of sand, a pipette, and a collection vial
  • Made in the USA
  • Useful Information

    How to Use: Spread all of the Kit4Cat sand into a clean & empty litter tray, and let the cat freely urinate onto the sand. The cat's urine will stay on top, allowing you to collect the urine using the pipette and vial that are included in this bag. Do not mix Kit4Cat with conventional cat litter. The sand in this bag for collecting one urine sample.

    Do not reuse Kit4Cat

    SAFETY FIRST: Plastic bags can be dangerous. To avoid suffocation, keep away from babies and children. Do not eat Kit4Cat.

    Dimensions: 7" H x 5" L x 3" W ; 2 pounds.

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