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Joint Treats

If you're going to give your dog a treat, make it healthy, low calorie treats like Joint Treats®, which are a tasty all-natural pet treat with Glucosamine, Creatine, MSM, EPA, DHA, Manganese, Zinc, and Vitamin C to keep joints healthy and dogs happy.
  • All Natural - No Artificial Flavors or Colors
  • No BHA, No Added Tallow or By-Products
  • Can be used with joint supplements such as Joint MAX®, SynoviG3®, or Glycoflex®.
  • Both healthy and delicious, formulated for younger and older dogs alike
  • Joint Treats are low in calories - only 10 calories per treat
  • Other products from PHS Adding Joint Treats To Your Dog's Lifestyle

    Available in TWO Sizes:
    Joint Treats - For LARGER DOGS 20 lb and over
    Joint Treats Minis - For SMALLER DOGS 10 to 40 lb

    Also Try the Senior Joint MAX Kit to get additional savings!
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