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Joint Max Double Strength


As pets age, they may begin to experience difficulties producing the critical nutrients necessary to maintain active and healthy joints. Over time, if these deficiencies go unnoticed or untreated, they can lead to Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD). DJD is a progressive deterioration of the joint, affecting the synovial fluid and the fibrous joint capsule.

DJD can cause injury to the synovial membrane, degradation of the synovial fluid's ability to transport needed nutrients, and harm to the smooth cartilage that protects the bone during movement. DJD can seriously erode a pet's quality of life.

Symptoms: Difficulty getting up, stiffness, restlessness when trying to settle down to sleep, frequent slips and falls, shrunken thigh muscles. Your pet will usually have good and bad days.
Joint Max Double Strength helps to improve MODERATE JOINT PROBLEMS

Signs of moderate joint problems in pets may show up after a few months or years of having only mild signs. Moderate joint problems signs include:

  • Has some stiffness when first gets up
  • Limps after regular exercise
  • Walks slower or has a slightly altered gait
  • Hops instead of runs
  • Hesitates when climbing stairs
  • Shows reluctance to romp in situations that were previously exciting
  • Some difficulty jumping up into the car or onto the couch
  • Loss of appetite
  • Less active

    For pets with signs of moderate joint health concerns, we recommend these products:

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