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On March 6, 2010 is the 37th annual Iditarod. What is the Iditarod? Started in 1973, the Iditarod is the annual dog sled race that takes place on the Iditarod Trail between Anchorage, Alaska and Nome, Alaska. Itís a race that pairs humans, with their sled dogs as they make their way across well over 1100 miles (1769 km) of some of the toughest, coldest wilderness in North America.
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The race itself is organized and operated almost entirely of volunteers. The route alternates every other year between a northern route and southern route, each with 26 and 27 checkpoints. At each checkpoint the sled dogs are examined by veterinary staff, while medical staff and volunteers are on hand to aid the mushers if necessary.
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Home Stretch
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Since the inaugural Iditarod, entries have climbed steadily. The prize money raised each year is split between all finishers. The record for the fastest time is held by Martin Buser who finished the race in 2002 in 8 days, 22 hours, 46 minutes, and two seconds. Rick Swenson holds the current record for the most wins at 5. Last yearís champion was Lance Mackey.
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Finish Line
Joint MAX Active Pack Lance Mackey 3 time champ: 07-09

Martin Buser
Martin Buser Fastest time 2002: 8 days 22 hours 46 minutes 2 seconds

Rick Swensen
Rick Swenson Most times won: 5
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