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IAMS Pet Food

IAMS dog food and IAMS cat food have been well-known brands of pet food for years, but not many people are aware of special formula products IAMS provides as well. IAMS Veterinary Formula pet food includes specialized food products that are designed to enhance digestions and reduce gastric and intestinal problems in cat and dogs.

The company provides a portfolio of food products that assist with reduced intestinal residue, improved renal function, and improve intestinal bacterial balance as well. These are products specifically designed to work with veterinarian treatment and regimens for cats and dogs that need help with their dietary and waste systems. Products are manufactured in cans as well as tablets for dogs, so the delivery system is flexible to match the needs of your pet. So when your veterinarian advised your dog or cat need to go on a special diet to deal with its health issues, consider IAMS Veterinary Formula products as the answer.