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Hydration Products

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With heat waves across the nation, it is important to keep your pet properly hydrated. There are many precautions that an owner should look out for. One of them is Heat stroke, which can occur from excessive exercise when it is hot or from leaving a pet outdoors on a hot day without access to shade or water. Another is Heat exhaustion. Some of the Symptoms of heat exhaustion include labored breathing, heavy panting, and drooling. Give the dog water to consume, and wipe a cool cloth over the fur. Do not drench the animal with all the water. It helps to place the paws in cool water as well.

These long summer days can make your pet seeing mirages of water products to quench its' thirst. Just like us Humans who like to have bottled water or filtered water in a thermos, animals can also be picky about their water products. From Water additives, bowls, automatic feeders, or portable water supplies, you want your pet to have the best.

Choosing the right bowl for your pet is essential. These dog bowls are the perfect remedy for those needs such as controlling the pace and not causing a big mess.

1) Otis and Claude Lucy Pet Bowls - Will not slip and slide all over the place with its’ non-slip “feet” feature.

2) Contech DrinkBetter Medium White Water Bowl - The bowl that controls the flow of water to your animal at a slower and healthier rate.

3) Prestige Pet Road Refresher Non Spill Water Bowl - No mess to deal with, just fill it up and let your animal do the drinking.

4) Dexas International Popware - Compact, stylish bowls that are great for long trips and the usual family pit stops.

Automatic Feeders will do the job of giving your animal with the water supply that they are urging for. These different types of feeders are a great way to give your pet fresh water while you are out.

1) Contech Water Dog Automatic Outdoor Pet Fountain - The sonar sensing water feeder that does the job for you.

2) Aqua Buddy Automatic Waterer Pet Bowl (2 qt.) - Is a stylish bowl that automatically feeds your animal while you’re away.

3) Petmate Le Bistro with Microban Waterer - LARGE / 5 Gallon - Does the dirty work of fighting bacteria and supplying your animal with fresh water.

4) Veterinary Ventures Drinkwell Fountains - Displays a waterfall-esqe stream of water for your pet to enjoy.

When you are on the go and want to bring your pet with you, you can utilize these travel sized water bowls that can really come in handy to satisfy your pets’ thirst.

1) Heininger Waterboy Travel Bowl for Dogs - Is a comfortable bowl that will not splash around while you are traveling with your animal.

2) Pet Top Combo Pack - Portable Drinking & Short Neck Adapter- Is a adjustable adapter that is compatible with most water bottles.

3) Fresh Licks Eco-Disposable Bowls - Medium (10 ct)- Made from organic materials this bowl will make your animal become eco-friendly.

4) Lixit Dog Travel Water Bowl - 3 Quarts- Provides fresh water without you worrying about a mess.

When you want to give your pet the extra amount of loving, these products provide that boost to gratify your pets’ needs.

1) Crypton Mess Mats - An easy to clean, spot-free mat that is stylish enough for your pet to dine on.

2) K9 Go Dog Energy Drink - Single PACK- Give your dog the boost that they need to get them throughout the day.

3) Fitness Fuel for Pets (32 fl. oz. )- Supports the immune system with its superb electrolyzed water additive.

4) Biotene Veterinarian Drinking Water Additive (4 fl oz) - Improves oral health and is great for all dogs especially for the ones that do not like to brush.

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