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Holiday Traveling with your Pets

Holiday travel is upon us and many of you could be traveling with pets. It is a tough decision to make because you don't want to leave your pet behind, but you still want to enjoy visiting relatives, friends and places with your pet. There are so many things to consider when you travel with a pet. HealthyPets has a simple guide below with tips on how to travel with a pet during the holidays.
Flying with a Pet
Flying with a pet can be difficult if you're not prepared. Find a pet-friendly airline like Virgin Atlantic which has a rewards program called Flying Paws. Most airline companies require a health certificate to fly, so be sure to do your research. This a certified document that must be obtained within 10 days prior to leaving along with the length of your trip from a veterinarian. It indicates that your pet is healthy enough to fly. Also, be sure to read your pet airlines' fine print. It will let you know which breeds they accept or if they can sit in the aircraft cabin or cargo area. Finally, it is very important to keep your pet relaxed throughout your journey.
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Flying with a Pet
Traveling in a car with your pet is easier than by plane. However, there are things to be aware of, such as, safety and keeping your pet comfortable. It is important you and your pet abide the law with safety in mind (see image below). You can put your pet in a harness which will keep you and your pet safe. This will prevent your pet from roaming around in your car and distracting you from driving. In addition, be sure to take a lot of breaks. You and your pet will need to stop to stretch and go to the bathroom. Bring plenty of water, food, treats and toys to make their trip more enjoyable.
States with Pet Required Vehicle Restraint Legislation
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Flying with a Pet
Be sure to make a checklist of things to pack for your pet during your holiday trip. This will avoid having to shop while on your trip if you forget something. Be prepared and shop early. Below is a checklist of items that you can buy at HealthyPets
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Checked Box Packing Checklist
Checkbox Pet ID Tags
Checkbox Pet Toys
Checkbox Pet Food
Checkbox Pet Feeding Supplies
Checkbox Pet Waste Removal Supplies
Checkbox Vitamins for Immunity
Checkbox Grooming & Hygiene
Checkbox Collars & Leashes
Checkbox Health & Safety
Checkbox Travel Gear
Holiday Travel With Your Pet