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Hi-Vite Drops (1 oz.)

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Hi-Vite Drops are a liquid vitamin supplement for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. They can be easily given with food, milk, or directly in the mouth. Hi-Vite Drops can be given to supplement pets with vitamin deficiencies or as an addition to daily nutrition.

Humans aren’t the only creatures that can benefit from vitamin supplements. Everybody knows regular processed food doesn’t include everything a person needs for a good diet, and both cat and dog foods are in the same boat. However, with a vitamin supplement like Hi-Vite Drops, cat and dog owners can make sure their furry loved one has everything it needs for a proper, complete diet. Hi-Vite Drops can be served to adult dogs and cats as well as kittens and puppies. The dosage simply needs to be reduced for the size and age of the animal.

Hi-Vite Drops provide a complement of Vitamin A, D, and E, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Iron, and other essential minerals and dietary needs. With a daily dosage your cat or dog’s diet will be complete, regardless of what’s included in his/her main meal of dry or wet pet food.


Water, sugar, sorbitol, polysorbate 80, liver extract, gelatin by-products, ferric ammonium citrate (source of iron), niacin, vitamin A and D3 supplement, d-panthenol, thiamine HCI, (Vit. B1), citric acid (preservative), alpha tocopheryl acetate (Vit. E), saccharin sodium, pyridoxine HCI (Vit. B6), sodium benzoate and methylparaben (preservatives), riboflavin 5' phosphate sodium (source of Vit. B2), copper sulfate, BHA (preservative), menadione sodium bisulfite (source of Vit. K), cyanocobalamin (Vit. B12).

Useful Information

To properly supplement diet: give dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens 1/2 dropperful twice daily. This mixture is water dispersible and may be given by dropping directly on the tongue or mixed with food or milk. (1 dropperful=1 ml)

Customer Reviews

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By chris
Louisville, ky.
May 18, 2017
Good stuff!
This gives my pets a good source of iron and vitamins not found in a lot of their foods.
Merchant Response:Good to see pet parents appreciating our products!
By Mary
New York, NY
October 4, 2012
Old Dog prescribed Hi Vite for over 15 years
My old bichon poodle mix has been taking HiVite twice daily for over 15 years initially due to a votamin deficiency which caused her to eat dirt. Now I believe after so many years this is in part why at her age she is still healthy. I am now using HiVite on the 6 lb yorkie living with us. Hats off to HiVite.
ProsThe perfect supplement for the dogs!!!
ConsNot always easy to find. Must order in bulks.
By Joy
June 11, 2012
Hi Vite Drops and Princess
I just had to take the time and write this review on this product. I am the CEO of an animal rescue and we had an animal that was relinquished to us, a little 2.5 pound Maltese named Princess. Well 2 days after she was given up she was rushed to the ER and was near death. We did numerous tests and discovered what we thought was a liver disease so she was on special food, supplements, vitamins and food. Well she was prescribed by our vet the Hi Vite drops which we gave every day, just a squirt and she loves them Well, when we did her blood test as a follow up she seemed better so we cut out all the meds but kept her on the Hi Vite Drops as she loves them Okay fast forward to last year and she got critically ill with severe seizures and lethargy, so rushed into the vet again more tests and we were not sure she would make it, but she did and again every night we have our drops Well, she went w/o her drops for 2 days last week as we were waiting for our shipment to arrive and all the local stores were out of them so she started to look very week and lethargic and I thought she was going to start to have seizures again so watched her very close, tried the Nutrical wouldn\'t get near it, then gave her a dose as it arrived of the Hi Vite drops and seriously with in a few hours she was happy, the lethargy hd gone away, she was eating again and she was back to herself So the moral of the story is I ordered a dozen bottles as we have other dogs on it a well in the rescue and when we get down to 6 its time to reorder for sure GREAT PRODUCT, THEY ALL LOVE IT
By Melissa
October 8, 2011
Great for Iron Suppl for Cat
My cat was dangerously low on hematocrit (basically low red blood cell count) after a diagnosis of lypmhoma of the intestine. This is holding his hematocrit where it is and it is not going lower after five months. His energy is great and shiny nice coat, helping his quality of life in this last months/year to be good. He\'s 14.
By K. N.
June 12, 2011
Sold asCatch- All Remedy
This was prescribed to my \'Anemic\' cat. It is administered via dropper and if you have a typical pet more of this thick smelly repulsively pungent goop will end up on you and your carpet then in your animal. Insist on pill form. Also it is NOT medicine so if your pet has a normal diet every ingredient is already being digested by your pet. Obviously I am not biased as are the other reviewers on this site.
By Kim
May 14, 2010
Best stuff I\'ve tried.
I have a Jack Russell terrier that had \"hot spots\" & constantly chewed on her feet and hind area, (I thought it was an allergy to cut grass). This product was recommended so I tried it and it works! I\'ve tried a lot of supplements, but NOTHING helped until this! My dog has a beautiful coat, no more hot spots and doesn\'t chew on her feet or hind area any more! Since using Hi-Vite drops, my dog is fully of energy and looks and acts great! Great product!
By Dawn Pino
April 3, 2009
For my dogs cough
My vet prescribed this for my dog who was coughing alot and has a collapsed trachea. When I give him this product his coughing stops for hours. It seems to me that this product is good for your pets overall health. Definately would recommend.
By Pat Carlson
March 23, 2009
I have a 14 year old Maltese, vet said he was very low on iron causing him to not have much energy and sleep pretty much all day long. Started using this product and within 2 weeks, his energy is amazing....We walk on the beach 3 times per week for an hour and he never needs to be carried. AMAZING little guy.
By Juley Welch
September 9, 2008
Wonderful vitamins
Prescribed by my vet after our dog had bladder stones twice in one year. Now, no more stones and a great vitamin regimen. Our dog is 9 years old but behaves like a 2 year old. The vitamins have kept him healthy and strong.

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