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Hartz UltraGuard Plus Flea & Tick Collar - Puppy

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Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Flea & Tick Collar for Puppies is an easy and effective way to keep pests off of your pet.

 This collar comes in an elegant white design that is simple to put on and take off of your puppy. The collar is water resistant and both kills fleas and ticks and prevents flea eggs from hatching, thus ending the flea life cycle. The collar is also easy to activate with a simple stretching motion before putting it on your cat.

Hartz UltraGuard Flea & Tick Collar is perfect for puppies of all breeds that are 12 weeks or older and fits dogs with necks up to 15" around. When your dog outgrows this collar, try Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs. This collar will keep your dog protected from unwanted pests for seven months. Keep your dog free of fleas and ticks by ordering the Ultra Guard Plus Collar today!

Key Features:
  • Kills fleas and ticks
  • Prevents fleas eggs from hatching
  • Water resistant
  • Ingredients

    Active Ingredients:

    Useful Information

    Caution:Do not let children play with this collar.

    Directions for Use:
    It is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. It is not advisable to use this or similar pesticides on puppies less than six weeks old. Do not unroll collar until ready to use.
    1. Hold bottle upright about 6 inches from pet.
    2. Spray lightly until the tips of the pet's hair are moist. Keep spray out of pet's eyes.
    3. Rub spray into animal's coat. For longhaired dogs, ruffle fur to allow spray to reach skin.
    4. After 10 minutes, dry dog with towel.
    5. Comb and brush coat.
    6. Repeat once a week
    7. If you see a tick, spray it directly
    8. Use on bedding and other areas as needed.

      Some animals may become irritated by any collar if it is applied too tightly. If this occurs, loosen the collar. If irritation continues, remove the collar from the animal.

      This collar is intended for use only as an insecticide/IGR generator.

      The collar will begin to kill fleas, ticks, flea eggs and larvae immediately. Its full protection against harder-to-kill ticks will be built up within a few days after being placed on the pet. For continuous flea and tick protection under normal conditions, replace the collar every seven months. Under conditions where pets are exposed to severe flea or tick infestations it may be necessary to replace the collar more frequently.

      Wetting will not impair the collar's effectiveness or the pet's protection. If the pet goes swimming or is out in the rain it is not necessary to remove the collar. The Hartz Control Pet Care System Ultimate Flea Collar may be worn with a regular collar.

      Storage: Store at room temperature.

      Do not use empty pouch. Dispose in trash collection.

      EPA Reg. No. 2596-139

      EPA Est. No. 2596-NJ-1.

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