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HealthyPets Going Green

Going Green
The average person might believe that to "go green" is coming mostly from politicians and concerned citizens. This is not the case anymore; many companies are doing their part to become more sustainable and eco-friendly businesses. HealthyPets is also doing its' duty by making sure that we help mother earth by going green.

  • In our distribution centers we now use biodegradable bubble film, which biodegrades in 9-60 months in the presence of microorganisms. Also re-usable & recyclable.
  • Converted our office to use energy-efficient lighting with occupancy sensors.
  • Instead of using many paper reports, we have switched to electronic versions, but when we do use paper reports we print on both sides to conserve paper.
  • All of our office paper and warehouse cardboards are recycled.
  • We have increased our online communication vs. print communication, such an example is our online monthly newsletter.
  • We also sell products that are made out of recycled materials such as the Bettie Fetch Toy. 10% of proceeds go to the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation.

We are striving to become much "Greener" in the future. Take the initiative and help out by going "Green" with HealthyPets!