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Adeptus Gleam Skin & Coat Supplement for Pets (60 tablets)

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Gleam Supreme tablets for skin and coat are easy to feed to pets in a tasty chewable tablet. No messy oils! The tablets are very stable as well, so not prone to oxidation and harmful rancidity.

Gleam contains omega-3 fatty acids from both flax (linolenic acid) and fish (docosahexaenoic acid or DHA and ecosapentaenoic acid or EPA). In addition evening primrose is added, which is the source for gamma linolenic acid…. Also very helpful to skin and coat conditioning.

The very palatable formula also contains brewer’s yeast for B-vitamins and liver-roast beef flavoring.

  • Fatty Acids from fish, flax and evening primrose oil
  • Convenient palatable chewable tablet for skin and coat conditioning
  • U.S. Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients
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