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Fussie Cat - Wet Cat Food

Fussie Cat brand uses the finest food materials in the production of its cat food formulas and cans, ensuring that cat owners are serving their favorite feline friends the best food available for a domestic cat's health and diet. With multiple option flavors in both tuna and chicken, cat owners will easily be able to find the right mix that fits the tastes of their feline friend, no matter how picky that feline's taste buds may be.


Fussie Cat food

canned products are manufactured in an FDA-registered food factory that is rated for human food product manufacturing as well. The same safety levels and requirements for human canned food production are applied to Fussie Cat food products, ensuring domestic cats served are eating food just as safe as that for people. Restrictions include elimination and prevention of small and hard-to-see pests, food spoilage, heavy metals, contamination in general, pesticides and pathogens. This type of quality control in food production is well above international standards for feline food products. Further, inspections are performed on a regular basis to ensure quality is maintained consistently from one batch to the next.

Because Fussie Cat food products are canned in air-tight, vacuum packed sealing, there is no worry about food spoilage, and the packaging allows for long-term placement of flavorful cat food for easy storage. So cat owners can easily stock up multiple versions of Fussie Cat, serving different flavors and providing their cats a valuable variety in their diet.